Clair de Lune is a delicate cookie that surprises with a unique taste. Buttery and flaky, grainy in texture, it simply melts in your mouth, leaving you with a tingling, subtle aftertaste of salt

Our cookies look different from others: Their round shape and almost white color remind us of the moon, thus Clair de Lune. While we have carefully crafted and refined our recipe over generations, our cookies are based on traditional baked goods that exist in similar forms in many parts of the world, including Western and Southern Europe, the Middle East and India. The common theme of all these cookies is that they only use traditional ingredients such as butter, flour, sugar and salt

We use just 5 carefully selected ingredients to make our cookies:
Cane Sugar, Flour, Butter, Sea Salt and a Flavor Ingredient

In a time where many ingredient lists are long and include products that are sometimes hard to pronounce, let alone understand, we believe that using a small number of traditional ingredients will produce a better taste. All of our ingredients go through a rigorous selection process. We use only 100% cane sugar, our butter is from hormone free milk, and our sea salt is harvested from the only living sea salt bed in North America and is 100% pure

Our cookies are made for pure enjoyment

We believe that cookies should be a delicious treat, a little bit of heaven, a mini vacation from reality. We have tried to create the best tasting cookies possible with the highest quality ingredients. We have purposely made our cookies small for guilt-free enjoyment. Of course, we can’t help it if you choose to have more than one at a time – we often do!

Stack of cookies